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Amaraaba Team Pagsung July 2017

Team PAGSUNG, so far so good! We were asked to think of our team’s identity and we came up with ‘The Keepers’ because we established that throughout our journey we will keep each other’s backs, ‘I got your back, you’ve got mine’. As a new team, we have gelled well together and had many laughs but also the challenge of planning what we will be doing throughout our time here and what we will be doing to help the women of PAGSUNG. Our first blog will cover each one of our team members and our ambitions. So, with no further delay….     
Team Pagsung

Hello guys my name is Patricia Abass, I am 25 and I come from Sandema a small village in the Upper East region of Ghana.  I joined the project because I want to improve looking upon my public writing, technology and communication skills, and logistics. Now that I’m on placement I have the opportunity of learning new things such as social media, team building skills and shea butter making. 
I’m Tiri I am 18 years old. I came to Ghana to volunteer with the intention of stepping outside my comfort zone by travelling to a developing country on my own, without the safety of my friends and family. Working with Pagsung a female run organisation; I am excited to see how the women are changing their lives as well as their communities. It’s my pleasure to work alongside them, as well as to give them some of my ideas and hopefully inspire them. I would love to develop my own personal skills such as writing, photography and public speaking skills.

I am Itayi, a UK volunteer here in Tamale. My first week here has been amazing, it has been a learning experience. One of the reasons for my volunteering was because as I was raised in Zimbabwe is that I wanted to give back to the continent that raised me. I am hoping to develop the skills I learned at university such as researching and blog writing. I am working with a tight group of people and I am happy with this arrangement because I believe in team work. I am hoping through my time here in Tamale will help me develop the business and management skills of the women of Pagsung as well as develop my own personal growth.

I am Iddrisu Alhassan Kobga, currently a volunteer with International Service, on a project helping a group of women who process Shea butter.  I am part of the logistics team, and our duty in the team is to provide the team with good food and good transportation, and am also in the communications group where I can learn to build upon myself in communication, to be a good speaker either in public or in the midst of my counterparts….

Raphael Anammasiya Ayambire

 “I got struck by the possibility of becoming a Global Citizen”.  That was my response when asked about my motivation for applying to volunteer with ICS. From a deprived community in the Upper East Region, I got interested in issues of development having realized the disparities that exist between and among countries through my study of development. My zeal to learn is what brought me here! Yet my experience researching into rural development during my study at the university has revealed a mirage of issues that need to be tackled. I love to research, write reports and make oral presentations. More importantly, I desire to improve upon my organizational skills, project monitoring and evaluation and Blogging.

Hi, my name is Maryam and I’m 19. The skills I hope to develop on this placement are an understanding of the needs of others and communication. My first week in Ghana has been amazing, fun and mostly eye opening. Tamale is very different to Birmingham and the change has been challenging, but it has also been very exciting. I have already learnt a bit of Dagbani (the local language) which has also been fun as the local people are very friendly. It is nice to be able to greet people in the local language as it makes you feel like you are part of the community.

I am Joachim Gaayuoni, I am a volunteer because I am a person who likes to see sustainable development in deprived parts of the world. As a student planner, I know how expensive it is to hire professionals to carry out development policies and initiatives. I am optimistic that by the end of this 10 week period, I will have learnt practical problem based learning skills and also helping Pagsung grow. I like to watch football and listen to music in my free time.

I bring you greetings of peace, I am Tamimu Umaima and I am 24 years of age. I joined International service because I like to volunteer to help those who are vulnerable in society and work in deprived communities to foster development since it is my area of expertise. I would like to use this opportunity to develop my presentation skills. I enjoy the ice breakers we do, especially ‘AMATOASA !! TOASA !! TOASAA’ because it is fun and entertaining to see everyone’s rhythm and spelling skills.

Hey, my name is Matthew (Slimiinga as most of the kids call me) and from my university to my host home I’ve gone from eating KFC and sleeping in my large double bed every day, to eating more Jollof rice and TZ then I can handle. So, you could say it is a big transition but I’ve being enjoying it every day and making the most out of it. I joined ICS as I decided to do something worthwhile with my time during the summer and build upon my skills such as public speaking, writing and team work. By joining team Pagsung I hope to achieve these things over the next ten weeks and bring about a positive change to the women in Tamale.

Greetings! My name is Ayaan but you can also call me ‘Yamma’ as my host family have decided. My interests lie in human interactions, I love meeting new people and enjoying experiences which will teach me about others. This is probably why I’d rather play games and do energisers all day; as the PAGSUNG team have come to know. I want to gain the necessary skills such as public speaking, researching, budgeting and planning whilst on my project as these are my weaknesses. We will revisit that statement and see if I have achieved that, but most of all I want to make sure my stay here is filled with laughter, smiles and life-changing encounters.

My name is Faaviel John Baptist. Among others, I hope to acquire and improve on public speaking and communication technology. With a supportive, skilled and resourced team members and working environment I’m optimistic in acquiring a lot of skills during my placement. I am excited to work with ICS and see what these ten weeks bring to me.

Hello, Hi. I’m Ruwaida. I decided to volunteer with International Service after finishing university to give myself the opportunity to help those in developing countries. Our project partner is an organisation that seeks to enable women to empower themselves economically to improve their livelihoods. The first two weeks have flown by and we have some amazing ideas that we hope to implement to enable them with their economic empowerment.

My name is Latifa Suleman, one of the team leaders of the Pagsung Team. Having been a volunteer myself last year, I decided to return this time as a team leader because I saw it as a step in the right direction to gain experience in project management and also learn more about women empowerment issues. The Project Partner is a women group centred on enhancing the capacity of women in the 3 northern regions, most importantly to help them overcome poverty and live a dignified life. In the near future, I would like to be a part of discussions about women empowerment and I believe this is the right step.

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