Friday, 4 May 2018

My First Encounter at my Host Home

By Fatahiya Alhassan   

My first encounter with my host Mom is a day that I will not forget. When she came to pick up me and my UK counterpart Lizzie, from the hostel, my first thought was that she may be strict, because of the fact that she was quiet. I thought this until we settled in her house.

When we arrived at the host home she introduced herself to us. After this she asked a girl in the house to come and help us take our bags to the guest room. She then asked us to follow her to our room, when we reached the room she introduced the girl as her daughter. We spent some time chatting and told each other our names.  We soon discovered the room we were given to stay in included a toilet and bathroom. This was a very pleasant surprise. We then took a bath and rested.

After some time, the house Mom asked me to call my counterpart, Lizzie.  I called her and we went and sat together around the dining table. To our surprise, she brought out rice and stew and we all sat together as a family and ate. Her words at the dining table made me like her even more, she gave us advice and we spoke a real family would do.

After we had finished, she asked us to join her in the hall to watch a movie with her. When it was late she wished us good night and went to her room. It was 9pm when we also left and went to our room.

It is often that our first impression of a person influences us, but, you cannot judge a person by his or her appearance without having first lived alongside them. I look forward to doing this throughout my placement in Tamale, Ghana.

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