Thursday, 3 May 2018

Highlights from my First Week Volunteering with International Service.

By Lizzie Fisher

Tamale, North Ghana.
Tuesday 17th April

When I first stepped off the plane, in Tamale, North Ghana, it was hot and sunny, even the breeze was stuffy like walking into hot room.  Immediately, I noticed how colourful it was and how the women’s clothes stood out compared the volunteers getting off the plane.

Saturday 21st April.

This is when I first met my host Mum and her 13 year daughter, Lydia. I later discovered that she has a elder daughter who is 16 and schooling away, her husband is also working in Ghana’s capital, Accra, which is in the south. Both the mother and daughter are so nice and very understanding, although sometimes we find it difficult to understand each other. The food they make for me is also very nice but I became very ill for my first few days so I did not eat much.

As soon as we had gotten to the host home and settled in, I decided to have a look around the town and market, there were so many stalls containing the same things like clothes, shoes, jewellery, and food. The paths are small and sometimes hard to walk through, although, it is beautiful and amazing to see all the beautiful things being sold. Unfortunately, there are no bins so the rubbish in the surrounding area causes it to smell. This is accompanied by the smell from the meat sellers. Meat is chopped and placed on the market stalls, uncovered. There was also a cow’s head on full show. This was shocking as it was very different to any market in England.

Friday 20th April

Meeting my In-Country counterpart, Fatahiya, was exciting as I was finally meeting the person I will be living and working with for the next ten weeks. She is a lovely girl and has a extremely promising future. Our team works very well together, despite our different backgrounds and skills. We have achieved a lot in our first weeks. 

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